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Why Us?

Establishing strong and long standing relations with our clients is our primary objective.

With Us... You have a company providing an efficient, cost-effective and high-quality audit and within critical time constraints. Besides, we may help you and your business with our professional advice on accounting- and business-related solutions.


Taxation & Tax Planning

We offer an efficient service to ensure agreement of a company's profits/income tax liability as early as possible.  This reduces compliance costs, interest, penalties, and also ensures a company can budget accurately for the payment of its tax liabilities. Furthermore, we also offer technical advice and support in the following areas:

Tax Compliance
Tax Planning & Profits Tax In addition to the provision of compliance services to our clients, we aim to be value-added to help and plan their affairs, to ensure their eventual tax liabilities are kept as low as possible.  This is to be planned throughout the year, special emphasis is placed on the following matters prior to their year end, including:

  • Timing of income and expenses
  • Capital expenditure
  • Transfer pricing from group companies
  • Employee & director remuneration
  • Dividends, salaries & bonus
  • Efficient use of tax losses
  • Planning of the timing of capital gains
  • Group tax planning

Personal IncomeTax
In the course of preparing your tax return, we will review your income levels and advise the ways to optimise tax savings by use of available tax reliefs and allowances.

Personal Assessment
We may review your tax positions, especially for individuals and un-incorporated businesses, so as to fully utilise the available relief by combining the application of personal assessment, joint assessment or separate assessment

Frequent Asked Questions We solved

  • Is the company over-paying the tax?
  • When do I have to pay the tax demand note?
  • Is it tax efficient to have subsidiaries and group companies?
  • Can/Should the company change its financial year-end?
  • How can the company reduce the tax liability?
  • Can the company provide for future liabilities to reduce taxable profits?
  • Can the company get tax deductions on donations?
  • What is the most tax efficient way of cessation of a business?
  • Can I shift income to my spouse to use their allowances?
  • Are my tax position the best?
  • How can I use "hold-over" relief?
  • Is there any tax planning for me, say, make gifts to my family?
  • Can I reduce taxability by using benefits in kind?

Our aim is to always provide a comprehensive service to our clients and we tailor our services to their individual requirements.  If you find above helpful, please get in touch.

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